Improve Cybersecurity

PS Cyber continually integrates cybersecurity into the fabric of systems design, implementation and administration allowing organizations, developers and users to embrace system security while simplifying compliance.


Embrace Technology

  • "The only way to secure a system completely is to turn it off."
  • "Cybersecurity requirements change too often - it's like trying to hit a moving target."
    If you've heard this kind of thinking before from cybersecurity professionals or engineers, you have heard the bad side of cyber. When security only happens as a "bolt-on" or "afterthought" it provides a rigid, performance-gutting, anti-operations barrier. The CIA-triad (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability) requirements of cybersecurity mesh the demands of operations and security perfectly. Cybersecurity professionals must continue to improve their understanding of the operational requirements in order to design and implement system's security to enhance rather than hinder the operational mission.

    So, how do we do cybersecurity well?
    PS Cyber advances this philosophy by merging years of experience in operations, security and a broad range of technologies. These areas of expertise allow us to integrate cybersecurity principles into every aspect of system design. This methodology greatly improves all aspects of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and eliminates the illusion of a moving cybersecurity target.

    While keeping up with cyber WILL mean constant change, it should only involve the evolution of HOW we do things, not WHAT we do.   

    PS Cyber will continue to embrace doing cybersecurity better, together.